Welcome to the Symfony Awards 2015!

Get ready to vote for the Symfony Awards 2015! Each Award category has its own vote process: vote for someone in the Community Award (even yourself) and/or submit your project through the Symfony Showcase for the Business Award. Don’t forget, it’s essential to log in with your SensioLabsConnect account and if you don’t have one, you can create one easily.

Symfony Community Awards: how to participate?

There are 9 categories for the Symfony Community Awards.

First, choose the category for which you would like to submit people, 1 person per category. Then, indicate the name or the SensioLabsConnect username of the person who you feel deserves most to win the Award and click on vote. You must be registered with your SensioLabsConnect account to submit your vote! And yes, you can vote for yourself.

Please note that in the Symfony Community Awards, each and any individual may only be eligible for one award.

Vote now!

Symfony Business Awards: how to participate?

The Symfony Business Awards have 9 categories but the registration process is different from the Symfony Community Awards.

For the Business Awards, you need to submit your project on the Symfony Showcase and the Symfony community will vote. Whichever project obtains the most votes in its category wins the award. Please remember to register using your SensioLabsConnect account to fill in the award form. Simply choose the best category for your submission and click to submit!

Submit your application

Good luck and get ready for the Symfony Awards 2015 ceremony which will be held during the SymfonyCon Paris 2015.